1.  Who can join the CenLa Stars?  

           Our team is technically a USA Cycling Club, with a Junior Race Team, so anyone can join the Club.  The Team is specifically for Juniors, i.e. those with a racing age of 9-18 (racing age is whatever their age is on Dec. 31st of that year).  Any kid that is interested in bike racing, or just learning about bike racing, is welcome to join!  Fancy bikes are not required, any kid with a bike & a helmet is set to start!

2.  How expensive is cycling?

        Our intention is to make cycling as affordable as possible, we have access to great quality used bikes in small sizes, we know how to find all sorts of equipment at great savings.  USA Cycling race membership is required, it's $40 annually.

We will be ordering custom team kits (jerseys, shorts etc) that will cost around $100, but we're hoping to get sponsors to absorb a lot of that cost, as well as the cost of travel, entry fees etc.

Overall, we try to make it where the cost of being a CenLa Star won't keep any kid from joining!

3.  Is cycling safe for my kid?

     Cycling has hazards like most other sports, but with proper instruction & equipment, it's possible to make cycling very safe, both during training and racing.  As riding skill, situational awareness and maturity increase, so will the level of safety and confidence grow in kids!

4.  Does my kid have to race?

     Of course not.  We will develop the skills needed to race, and we encourage taking part in races with the team, but if a kid just wants to do group rides and get a cool jersey, that's fine!

5.  What type of races will the kids be doing?

      We are basically a road cycling team, but we will have team members racing Mountain bike races, Cyclocross, Track (velodrome), and Triathlons.

6.  Where are most of the races?

      Most are within about a 3-4 hour drive of Alexandria, including Shreveport, New Orleans, Lafayette, Jackson, and a few in Texas.  The National Championships (June) are in Hagerstown, MD, near historic Gettysburg.

7.  Where can I get more info?

     We will be holding initial meetings for anyone interested in early Jan, both in Leesville and Alexandria, time and location TBD.  You can always call or e-mail using the contact on this website.